The Strongtown Open

The 2017 CrossFit Open is starting in just about 4 weeks. For those who have been with us for a year or more you are probably very (painfully) aware of what the Open is. For everyone else...the Open is an online competition that the entire CrossFit community, not just our gym, participates in once a year. Overall the competition is 5 weeks with 1 workout being announced each week (Thursday 8:00pm). For the super elite CrossFitters the Open is the first step towards qualifying for the CrossFit Games...for the rest of us mortals it's a chance to see where we stack up. The workouts are no different then anything else we do during a normal week...the only difference is accountability. As opposed to scoring ourselves on the workout, during the Open everyone gets a Judge to count their reps and make sure their meeting the movement standards. 

This year we're going to be treating the Open similar to how we ran things way back when in 2015. Back then we called it the Intra-Gym Open...or Intramural Open...the gym was divided into 4 teams and each team was scored based on participation in each workout. Instead of calling the the Intra-Gym / Intramural we're going to be simplifying things and just calling it the Strongtown Open

How it works - everyone who signs up through the will be entered into an overall pool of people. During the week of February 13th anyone in the pool will either be randomly selected or go through a mock-draft to create the Team Rosters. During the course of the Open each team will be scored based on the following system:

  • 1 Point for every person who completes the workout (division / rx / scaled does not matter)
  • 1 Point for every person who logs their score through 
  • 3 Points if 50% of the Team completes the workout on Saturday
  • 5 Points if 90% of the Team completes the workout
  • 10 Points if 100% of the Team completes the workout

In addition to the points above teams will also be able to earn extra points with:

  • Guess the Open Pool: this is both a game of chance and skill...see below for more details
  • Weekly Challenges: Each week there will be a weekly challenge for all the Teams to complete, if your team completes the challenge they will be awarded the points and the points will vary based on the challenge.

The purpose of this challenge is to have fun as a gym - it's about participation and I truly believe that whether you're a Veteran CrossFitter or just starting to learn the ropes that you can do the Open. 


Each week there will be an opportunity for teams to earn extra points based on the weekly challenge. Challenges will vary each week and bonus points will be awarded based on the difficult of the challenge.

+ week 1: join the team

join the team:

  • Available Points: 2 Per Person

  • Deadline: Announcement of 17.2

We're going to start off simple...everyone who joins our gym's Affiliate Team on the CrossFit Games website (assuming it's working) will earn an additional 2 points. Joining the team is free and the best part is that it will allow us to see how we stack up against the other Affiliates.

  • Login to your CrossFit Games account through
  • Click the menu icon to access a drop down menu for your profile...if you're on a laptop or computer browser this will be in the upper right, if you'r on a cell phone it will look like an icon of horizontal lines
  • Click the item "Join or Switch Team"
  • Find: "Strongtown" and join team

+ week 2: Upside Down

Upside down:

  • Available Points: 4 Points Per Person....most creative photo gets 8 points

  • Deadline: Announcement of 17.3

In the theme of our monthly challenge the Week 2 Challenge is going to be all about the handstand. If you are unable or uncomfortable doing a handstand...don't worry, either a wall walk, plank, or ring support is also acceptable.

  • To complete the challenge you must take a photo of yourself completing a handstand (or whatever movement you're doing)
  • Tag CrossFit Strongtown in the photo (Facebook: CrossFit Strongtown / Instagram: @CFStrongtown) with #StrongtownOpen....the photo can be taken anywhere. Have fun with it.

+ week 3: Squat Bottom

Squat Bottom:

  • Available Points: 4 Points Per Person....most creative photo gets 8 points

  • Deadline: Announcement of 17.4

This week's challenge is all about the squat. Air Squat, Pistol Squat, Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead name it, they're all fair game. In particular what we're looking for this week is the bottom of the squat.

  • To complete the challenge you must take a photo (or video) of yourself in the bottom of a squat.
  • Tag CrossFit Strongtown in the photo (Facebook: CrossFit Strongtown / Instagram: @CFStrongtown) with #StrongtownOpen....the photo can be taken anywhere. Have fun.

+ week 4: Son of a Burpee

Son of a Burpee:

  • Available Points: 4 Points Per Person....most creative video gets 8 points

  • Deadline: Announcement of 17.5

The 17.4 Weekly Challenge involves the one movement that is equally hated worldwide by all cultures - The Burpee. It's true...if Burpees were a person they would have 0 friends, not even Wilson (Tom Hank's BFF volleyball from Castaway). We're going away from photos this week and this will be a video challenge, and since this is technically the 7th year of the CrossFit Open - 7 will be the magic number.

  • To complete the challenge you must take a video of yourself completing 7 burpees.
  • Tag CrossFit Strongtown in the photo (Facebook: CrossFit Strongtown / Instagram: @CFStrongtown) with #StrongtownOpen....the video can be taken anywhere and like the past weekly challenges there will be bonus points for the most creative.

+ week 5: Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt:

  • Available Points: 1 Points per item completed....can earn up to 10 points if all items completed.

  • Deadline: Thursday 3/30/17 by 8:00pm

We are ending out the Open Weekly Challenge series with a classic Scavenger Hunt. You can get 1 point for each item completed and 10 points if you complete all the items.

  • 1) Photo wearing some sort of Strongtown from inside the gym or at home do not count.
  • 2) Photo hanging from a pull-up bar or some random object.
  • 3) Get a photo with (at least) one of your team members.
  • 4) Judge a workout. Make sure your name is on the scoresheet in order to get credit.
  • 5) Check into CrossFit Strongtown on Faceboook.


CAptain red beard and his swole mates

  • Mikey
  • Carl
  • Doc
  • Brad
  • Cardella
  • Liam
  • Tammy
  • Stacy 
  • Chris
  • Deb
  • Kim
  • Jordan
  • Toon
  • Joe

powdered doughbutts

  • Dan
  • Taylor
  • Funk
  • Rachel McG
  • Rob G.
  • Courtney
  • Matty
  • Shady
  • Dave A.
  • Paula
  • Sophia
  • Becky
  • Annie
  • Jay

Rachie's Rayder$

  • Rachie
  • Pat
  • Annette
  • Kevin D.
  • Holly
  • Timmy
  • Jen
  • Rob B.
  • Heidi
  • Alan
  • Brian M.
  • Brian G.
  • Lou
  • Scott C.

Lulu's lemons

  • Lu
  • Ang
  • Ink
  • David Kirk
  • GereLu
  • Rob LaBonne
  • MaryBeth
  • Matt C.
  • Dani
  • Tanner
  • Abby
  • Aisling
  • Tommy
  • Liz



  • 17.1:  2/23 - 2/27
  • 17.2:  3/2 - 3/6
  • 17.3:  3/9 - 3/13
  • 17.4:  3/16 - 3/20
  • 17.5:  3/23 - 3/27

Class Schedule / Times to do the Open Workout

You must be registered in order to participate.

  • Thursday Night Announcement: Immediately after the announcement
  • Friday Night: 5:30 Classes will be canceled and become an Open Session
  • Saturday: This is our prime time, both the 9:00 and 10:00 classes will be completing the Open Workouts
  • Sunday:  During Open Gym (11:00 - 12:30)

Guess the OPen Pool:

Every year of the Open (except for the 1st) CrossFit has repeated one workout from a previous year. In 2012 they repeated the final workout of 2011. In 2013 they repeated the 4th workout from 2012. In 2014 they went all the way back to the 1st workout of 2011. Moving onto 2015 they revisited the 2nd workout of 2014, and finally in 2016 they repeated the final workout of 2014. These  highlighted on our cheat sheet / table to make things easier to follow.

Now this is CrossFit and there is no guarantee that just because they have done something in the past that they will be doing it again…but if the past years are any indication of what we’ll see then it’s a pretty safe bet.

The way the pool works is fairly simple…we’ll setup a chart on the main whiteboard with 2 grids. One for the week, the other for the workout…it will look very similar to the downloadable version, but without as many words. Anyone who wants to vote gets to write their initials twice…once in the week grid, and once in the workout grid. All votes must be entered by the start of the Open in order to count.

This year we are going to be opening up the pool to the entire gym, whether you’re participating in our Open or not you still get to vote. However, anyone who is signed up for the Open is basically playing at the VIP / High Roller table for more lucrative prizes…anyone not signed up can still win but they’re playing for different prizes.

Prizes (participating in Strongtown Open)

  • Correct Week = 3 Bonus Points for Team + $20 Account Credit

  • Correct Workout = 6 Bonus Points for Team + $50 Account Credit

  • Correct Week & Workout = 9 Bonus Points for Team + $100 Account Credit

Prizes (not participating in Strongtown Open)

  • Correct Week = Free Rx Bar or MuscleUp Bar or Single Serving Protein

  • Correct Workout = Free CrossFit Strongtown T-Shirt

  • Correct Week & Workout = $25 Account Credit

Click Image above to Enlarge

You can also view the a more detailed description of all the old workouts at: and changing the year to see whatever one you may be looking for.

What to Expect:


  • Schedule – throughout the 5 weeks of the Open our Friday evening (5:30pm) and Saturday (9:00 & 10:00) classes will be reserved for people participating in the Open. We’re very sorry to anyone who’s schedule this screws up…this is something we’ve done every year and we do it to be fair to those we paid the sign-up fee.
  • Workouts – there is really no difference between the workouts we do during throughout the year and the workouts of the Open. The biggest difference is that Mikey and I program our regular workouts and Dave Castro / CrossFit HQ program the five Open workouts. At the end of the day it’s still the same pool of movements that they’re programming from…you can expect to see burpees, box jumps, pull-ups, power cleans, snatching, wall-ball, deadlifts, push-ups, toes to bar, thrusters etc…

  • Judging – this is probably the biggest differentiating factor of the Open. Since the Open is essentially an online competition, making sure movement standards are maintained and upheld is paramount to the success of the event. It’s safe to say you can expect a bit of extra instruction on specific movement and judging standards. Each person participating will also have the opportunity to get their feet wet with Judging as well as have all of their workouts Judged & Validated…so exciting.

  • Workout Heats – since everyone gets to have their workout judged we will be running multiple heats for the workouts within each class. Heats will be set on a first come, first serve basis and will limited by the number of Judges. If we have a 20 person class we can run 2 heats of 10, or 3 heats at 7/7/6 ..we can not do a heat of 15 or 20. As we saw last year with the overhead walking barbell lunges some of this is also limited by the workout. What this means is - please show up on time.

  • Entering Scores – completing the workout is doing 90% of the work, the other 10% comes down to entering your score. After completing the workout both you and your Judge will sign the scoresheet acknowledging your score. The gym gets one copy and each person gets a small slip of paper with their score as a reminder. From there you will have to login to in order to submit your score...which we will then verify and validate.

  • Scaling / Modifying Workouts – just like any other workout we do, it is completely acceptable to scale and modify the workouts. At the end of the day we want people to get in a good workout and have a little fun. What we will talk about is how the score gets entered on the games site. Depending on how the workout was scaled or modified it may be entered on the games site based on how much of the standards were completed. We’ll talk about this more with each person modifying the workout throughout the five weeks. The point is that scaling and modifying workouts is an option. Now I will say that if there was ever a time to try and push to go Rx on a workout...this would be it.

  • Support / Encouragement – this is by far one of the best parts of the Open. It’s an amazing environment. We’ve seen people get their first double-unders, first chest to bar pull-ups, toes to bar and muscle-ups, we’ve had people set PR’s on lifts and then continue with it for multiple reps. There is something about the Open that creates an environment that exudes positivity and encouragement. It’s helps give us that extra push we can all use.