What originally began as basement gym with a few kettlebells, a squat rack, a coffee table for jumps, and a pair of DIY rings made out of PVC pipe some climbing rope and carabiners has grown into CrossFit Strongtown.

Currently located less then a minute from exit 16 off I-84 CrossFit Strongtown has been the greater Southbury area's premier CrossFit facility since it was founded in 2011. What we call Strongtown is a 6,000sf warehouse with 15' high ceilings, partially exposed concrete floors, and two large garage bay doors. Our walls are have been covered with plywood and dry-erase whiteboards.

Whether it's handstand push-ups and wall-ball or burpees and rope climbs...our gym is used from wall to wall, and floor to ceiling. We are a fully functioning facility and we always in the process of continually trying to improve what we do and what we offer.


  • Bumper Plates
  • Metal Weights
  • Gymnastic Rings
  • Rogue Pull-up Rig
  • Battle Ropes
  • Yokes
  • Sand Bags
  • Box Jump Boxes
  • Reverse Hyper
  • Hang Board
  • AbMats
  • Lifting Platforms
  • Strongman Tires


1432 Old Waterbury Road, Southbury CT, 06488

  • Concept 2 Rowers
  • Dumbbells
  • Jump Ropes 
  • Medicine Balls
  • Push / Dog Sleds
  • Fat Bars
  • Spin Bikes
  • AirBikes
  • GHD (Glute Ham Developer)
  • Dip Belts
  • Foam Rollers & Bands
  • Lifting Kegs / Logs

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  • Olympic Barbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Paralettes
  • Slam Balls
  • Pull Selds
  • Atlas Stones
  • Farmer Carry Handles
  • Jerk / Lifting Blocks
  • Peg Board
  • Climbing Ropes
  • Crash Mats
  • TRX Trainer
  • Dip Stations