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+ April & Cindy

How Many Rounds?

  • For this month, log as many rounds of Cindy as possible. Don't be afraid to get creative! Maybe try a baseline Cindy for yourself in the beginning of the month then switch to variations like strict Cindy, double Cindy, half Cindy, Cindy with jumping squats (yikes), or change up the rep scheme. Whatever work you put in, no matter the variation, will help prepare you for Murph at the end of May.

+ Mindset March

That mental game

  • This month, make your mindset and mental toughness the primary skill you practice at the box; it is the biggest bang for your buck if you want to be become better. This means actively putting yourself in uncomfortable situations in order to practice patience and adaptability. Always do handstand push-up on the plates? Use the crash mat. Always use the speal bar? Pull up on the powder-coated bar instead. Do a workout with no music. Don't look at the WOD in advance. Show up purposefully on a day when you know you’ll suck at a movement. Take a rest day. Mediate. Stop complaining. Don’t strip the bar when you fail one rep in a workout. Take a deep breath and try again. Slow down. Visualize how you will act when things go wrong. Set goals that have nothing to do with times and numbers. Did you stay composed the whole workout? Did you focus on your own pace, not someone else’s? Did you keep your back set for every deadlift and clean?

Link 1: Download Mindset March Challenges

Link 2: Read full 'Mindset March' Blog Post

+ Find your Level February

Find your overall Level with The Level Method

  • Anyone who’s been around the gym for the last couple of months should have noticed the giant periodic table of fitness that has been tacked to the wall. It’s 8’ x 4’ and is all types of different colors. It has workouts, words, flow-charts, etc…without getting to detailed it’s meant to provide an overall assessment of our current fitness level. It uses color rankings similar to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and overall it has 15 different categories that get tested.

    The goal is to test each category and establish a ranking…it is very possible that some people might be a ‘Black Belt’ in one category and an ‘Orange Belt’ in another. After testing each category we are then assigned an overall level...which will be limited by our weakest links. It should give people a clear snapshot of their strengths as well as areas where we can improve.

    Throughout the next month we’ll be incorporating the testing into our regular programming. If anyone is interested in finding their overall level you should goto: to setup your account, send us a message for the access code.

+ January aka "Franuary"

Complete Fran 4x throughout the Month of January

  • Welcome to 2019! We're bringing in the new year with a bang! The theme of the month is Fran and each week we will be doing Fran (or a version of), 21-15-9 of Thrusters and Pull-ups. The challenge is to make sure you complete the workout each week. The first day will be Friday 1/4/19 and we'll be announcing other 3 days shortly...if you're unable to make one of the programmed sessions you're alway welcome to use the annex to make up the workout.