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2017 challenge series

+ April: Murph Prep

Half Murph Each Week: Accumulate 1 mile of running, 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, and 150 air squats.

  • We're revisiting a monthly challenge from last May. With Memorial Day Murph coming up at the end of May this month's challenge is to complete the work of a 'Half Murph' each week...this can be split up however you want across the week. The goal is to complete 1 Mile worth of running, 50 Pull-ups, 100 Push-ups, and 150 Air Squats. You can choose not to count the work done in classes if you want to increase the difficulty of the challenge. Since winter is refusing to leave we are counting a 2,000m row as equivalent to a 1 mile run.
  • Scoring - this challenge is being scored based on completing the tasks each week. If you're participating please add your name to the board at the gym to keep track of weeks completed.

+ March: Unbroken Push-ups & 2 Minute Row

+Challenge 1) Complete an max effort set of unbroken push-ups

+Challenge 2) Complete an max distance row in 2 minutes

  • Throughout the month of March there will be two challenges on the board. Challenge 1 is a max effort set of unbroken push-ups. How many push-ups can you do before you have to break? You may 'rest' in a plank position however a hand-release at the bottom is not permitted. Challenge 2 is a max distance row in 2 minutes. How many meters can you row in 2 minutes? The rower should be set for a 2 minute time limit so that the scoring is accurate.

    The goal of these challenges is not to put up 1 score in each and be done for the month. Instead we would like to see people put up baseline scores at some point during the first week. From there commit to trying to improve your scores each week....even if it's only by 1%. Let's see how much we can improve our push-ups and rowing splits this month.

+ February: 90 Second AMRAPs

+Week 1: 2/4 to 2/10 --- Max Double Unders

+Week 2: 2/11 to 2/17 --- Max Burpees

+Week 3: 2/18 to 2/24 --- Max Calorie Air Bike

  • With February being a short month and having the Open kick off on the 22nd this month's challenge will be a series of mini AMRAPs. We will be dividing the month into 3 weeks, for the purpose of this challenge we are going to have each week start on Sunday and end a Saturday. Each week you will haveas many attempts as you like at putting up As Many Reps as Possible in 90 seconds of the challenge movement. You are welcome to practice / prepare for any of the upcoming weeks however you would like. Once a challenge week ends you will not be allowed up update your score that that movement.

    • Week 1 (2/4 to 2/10) - Max Double Unders in 90 Seconds
    • Week 2 (2/11 to 2/17) - Max Burpees in 90 Seconds
    • Week 3 (2/18 to 2/24) - Max Calorie Air Bike in 90 Seconds

+ January: 1,000 Wall Ball

+Complete 1,000 Wall Ball throughout the month

  • Throughout the month of January complete 1,000 Wall-Ball. Any Wall-Ball done during the regular classes does not count towards the challenge total. For those following along at home without access to a Wall Ball / Target - we are counting 2 Air Squats + 2 Push-ups as the equivalent of 1 Wall Ball.
    • As a bonus here's Video of