Please click the month below to see a list of upcoming events and important dates. list will be updated periodically throughout the year.

+ FEBRUARY: air squats

+3 Air Squats Each Day

  • On Feburary 1st complete 3 air squats, on 2/2 complete 6, on 2/3 complete 9 ... increasing by 3 air squats everyday for the month. Focus on posture, keeping heels planted, and depth. Make them wall squats to help maintain virtuosity if need be.

+ MARCH: Handstands

Minimum of 1 Minute working on handstands every day

  • For the month of March we will be focusing on spending some time upside down. To complete this challenge you must spend at least 1 minute everyday working on your handstands. This can anything from kicking up to the wall, a wall climb with your feet, working on a free standing handstand or walking on your hands.
  • Add 1 extra minute of skill work each Wednesday increase to 2 minutes, the week after to 3, and we'll close the month out with 4 minutes per day.
  • This is about spending some quality time focusing on skill development. The goal is to add 1 extra minute of skill work each start with something simple & achievable and then build on that.

+ April: Burpees

+2 Burpees Each Day

  • On April 1st complete 2 burpees, on 4/2 complete 4, on 4/3 complete 6 ... increasing by 2 burpees everyday for the month. If you miss a day (or if I don't get this challenge posted until 4/3) then the previous days get added onto the total. For example if you start on 4/3 you would owe 2 for 4/1, 4 for 4/2, and 6 for 4/3 for a total of 12 burpees.

+ May: Murph Prep

Half Murph Each Week, accumulate 1 mile of running, 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, and 150 air squats.

  • We're mixing things up a bit with May's challenge series. Instead of the usual daily challenges this is a weekly challenge. With Memorial Day Murph coming up this month's challenge is to complete the work of a 'Half Murph' each week...this can be split up however you want across the week. The goal is to complete 1 Mile worth of running, 50 Pull-ups, 100 Push-ups, and 150 Air Squats. You can choose not to count the work done in classes if you want to increase the difficulty of the challenge. There is also the option of completing the work of a Full Murph each week for the true die hards.

+ JUNE: Squat Bottom

Each Day: Accumulate 10 Minutes sitting in the bottom of a squat

  • We are revisiting the squat this month and this time instead of looking for repetitions we're working on spending some quality time in the bottom. This is a position that was fundamental to our development as a species and is too often neglected. The goal of this month is spend, or accumulate, a total of 10 minute sitting in the bottom of the squat each does not need to be one single sitting. Answer emails, send text messages, catch up on Facebook, whatever you want to do while you're there is fair game. The general guidelines are as follows:

    • This is a resting position not a max effort squat, keep the spine relaxed.
    • Feet should be about shoulder width apart, play with different stances, the aim is for depth and relaxation.
    • Toes should be pointed forward, this will vary for each person, play with different positions, what allows for the best depth and least discomfort.
    • If you're expereiencing knee, or hip pain, stand up...move around a bit and try to resume squat work in shorter bursts of time.
    • Try to do this barefoot or in some sort of minimal footwear...we shouldn't need lifting shoes, weight belts, or knee sleeves for this.
    • Heels should be grounded...if this is impossible add a small support under heels until ankle flexibility increases.

    Bonus: Incorporate some of Ido Portal's stretches into your 10 minutes.