Stranger Bells - Thank you!

7 years…

It’s hard to believe this past Saturday was our 7th annual Battle for the Bell competition. We’ve had some great moments and this past event was by far the best to date.

I want to start off by thanking all our Judges & Volunteers - without them the day wouldn’t be possible. Although the main event is a 4 person team competition it also takes a team of about 20 people to make everything happen. There are a lot of moving parts involved in getting 124 Athletes through 4 workouts and it’s no easy task keeping everything running smooth.

In no particular order, thank you - Sarah, Justina, LuAnn, Ryan, Big Mike, Paul, Rafferty, Rob & MaryBeth, Angela, Rachel, Shady, Brian, Rob LaBonne, Barry, and Paula for being the Strongtown A-Team. Thank you Rich, Robyn, and Natalie from CrossFit 203 for giving up your Saturday and offering to help however you could - you don’t know how much it was appreciated. Thank you Jimmy for being an absolute ninja with camera (more on event photos below), I know how much work goes into reviewing and editing the photos, when everyone else’s day was over your work was really just starting. Thank you to my Kathleen for not only entering the scores but double checking and confirming the Judges math on every score sheet across every heat, for picking up coffee and breakfast for the volunteers, and for being quick on your feet and helping with the team check-ins when needed. I’m sorry if I’m missing anyone - when I say they day wouldn’t be possible without all of your help I am not exaggerating….so thank you all for 1) putting up with me, and 2) all of your help through the day and weekend!

I need to give a special shout out to our Big Bell Sponsor and Event MC - Donnie & DNR Laboratories. He’s an absolute crowd pleaser and I don’t think there was anyone here that enjoyed having Don back on the mic more than myself…dull moments - there were none. The reason our gym sounds as good as it does is 100% DNR. Audio, video, and yes laser...Castro doesn’t even have lasers. DNR is by far the best around and I cannot recommend them enough.

We are also incredibly grateful to have the support of our event sponsors. These are companies that are locally owned and operated by members, friends, and families of our CrossFit Strongtown community.

Finally we need to thank everyone who competed as well as everyone who came to cheer and show support. The energy throughout the day was amazing and we hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

Onto the photos - we had two photographers this year, Jimmy (@OOHOOMOOS365) and Viv (Everyday Lifters). They are both amazing and links to both their albums will be shared on our event page (Battle for the Bell: Stranger Bells) we’re still waiting for some links so check back for updates! Jim’s photos are available for free and he’s only asking that if you share them you give him credit….so make sure you give him credit! Also if you do share them make sure to also include @cfstrongtown