Nutrition Challenge: Q & A

We are a few days into our 5 week nutrition / lifestyle / movement challenge. I got a couple of questions earlier today that I thought would be helpful to share:

  • Q: I've never tried to go full on paleo before, what kind of coffee creamer can I use? I got an almond milk creamer, unsweetened, but I'm not sure it fits the criteria?

    • As far as the creamer goes make sure you check the ingredients, I believe most of the unsweetened ones are fine...look out for ones that have 'carrageenan' if you can, it's a seaweed extract that gets used as a stabilizer and tends be a highly inflammatory agent....also obviously watch out for ones with corn / soy products as well.

    • Here’s an article on a few paleo friendly ways to spruce up coffee: 10 Paleo Ways to Take Your Coffee to the Next Level

  • Q: I purchased paleokrunch granola, so I'm hoping that fits the bill also?

    • Paleokrunch is great stuff, it is mostly shredded coconut, along with seeds and nuts. With flavors like Maple Bacon, Dark Chocolate Pineapple, Maple Sweet Potato, and Cinnamon it’s hard not to love the stuff.

  • Q: I don’t eat a lot of fruit, ever, so I'm nervous about snacks. Any tips would be so appreciated :)

    • As far as other (non-fruit) snacks go I tend to do a lot of nuts as a quick grab & go. Deli meats (aren't ideal but definitely not the worst thing) are also a standard go to… roll them up and you can also add fruit, celery, romaine or whatever you would like spice them up a bit . A personal favorite that is quick (lazy) is also cucumbers strips with a little bit of sea salt. Also egg muffins / mini-omelettes things are great if you can remember to make them in advance, same with meatballs since they're easy to grab one or two if you’re in a bind for a snack. I know some people that will do hard boiled eggs but I’ve never been able to do them.

As a couple of general comments - if you’re a tea drinker look for either a ginger or a dandelion tea, they can both help act as appetite suppressants.

One other thing that I try to do with snacking is trying to eat bigger meals and add more healthy 'fat' into them (avocado, olives, nuts, oils). In general mixing the healthy fats with a balance of protein and carbs create a very satiating feeling which can help curb some of cravings.