Can you complete the 100 Day Burpee Challenge?

The challenge starts off simple...on Day 1 complete 1 Burpee, on Day 2 complete 2 Buprees, on Day 3 complete 3...and so on until the final Day 100 where you complete 100 Burpees. This is as mentally challenging as it is physically. Completing all 100 Days means you have completed a total of 5,050 Burpees.

Day 1 = 3/31/2018
Day 100 = 7/9/2018

The Rules:

  1. You can split up the burpees throughout the day however you want...they can be done all at once or split into sets as long  as they are done within the day.
  2. If you miss a day you must make it if you miss Day 20 on Day 21 you then owe a total of 41, if you miss Day 60 on Day 61 you'll owe 121 etc.... Lesson from the wise - do not get into a routine of missing days and trying to make them up, it's a dangerous game and will definitely catch up.
  3. Any burpees done during regular workouts count towards the challenge.
  4. If you do not start the challenge on Day 1 you can join in anytime by 'buying in' of writing this on April 2nd we are on Day 3 (6 Burpees total). Or you can always start the challenge whenever you're feeling ready for it.
  5. The challenge is based on the honor system - cheating the challenge is cheating yourself.


This challenge is no joke. In my experience (12 years of CrossFit) I personally only know of 1 person to stick with the challenge for the full 100 Days (I have to give a shout out to Chris Perugini for that). I personally tapped out midway through the 60's when I was looking at a potential 192 burpees to make-up...not fun.

If anyone is serious about doing this challenge I would like people to commit by donating $5 into the accountability pool. Whoever completes the challenge, or is the last man/woman standing takes home the prize. 

In order to participate in the pool please add your name to the challenge board at the gym in the 100 Day Burpee Challenge area.


Challenge Variations: 

Let's be honest - 100 Days is a long time....for those that want to do a Burpee Challenge but don't want to do the full 100 days we would make the following suggestions:

  • 30 Day Burpee Challenge (beginners)

    • Start at 10 and increase by 1 each day for 30 Days


  • 50 Day Burpee Challenge (Intermediate)

    • Same as 100 Day Challenge but only go to Day 50 (1,275 Total Burpees)


DAY 10 - APRIL 9TH (55 total)
DAY 20 - APRIL 19TH (210 total)
DAY 25 - APRIL 24TH (325 total)
DAY 30 - APRIL 29TH (465 total)
DAY 35 - MAY 4TH (630 total)
DAY 40 - MAY 9TH (820 total)
DAY 45 - MAY 14TH (1,035 total)
DAY 50 - MAY 19TH (1,275 total)
DAY 55 - MAY 24TH (1,540 total)
DAY 60 - MAY 29TH (1,830 total)
DAY 65 - JUNE 3RD(2,145 total)
DAY 70 - JUNE 8TH (2,485 total)
DAY 75 - JUNE 13TH (2,850 total)
DAY 80 - JUNE 18TH (3,240 total)
DAY 85 - JUNE 23RD (3,655 total)
DAY 90 - JUNE 28TH (4,095 total)

DAY 95 - JULY 3RD (4,560 total)
DAY 100 - JULY 8TH (5,050 total)